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Daniel Harper Bio

Dan, our Shooting Director, has been creating professional video content for over five years.

Dan started by producing and directing videos for Trinity College Dublin’s PR department. He then directed a short drama 'Pain Relief' that saw success in both national and international film festivals.

Dan then went on and continues to work with large brands such as Renault, Vodafone, GSK, and many more.


Dan recently filmed the award winning short film ‘Land of Winter’, based on James Joyce’s short story ‘The Dead’, as well as being the production manager on the Screen Ireland funded short documentary ‘The Vasectomy Doctor’.


Selected projects that Dan has worked on can be found at


Ronan Cassidy Bio

Ronan has produced five short films and directed and produced
two documentaries. His most recent work was the Screen Ireland documentary ‘The Vasectomy Doctor’ which premiered at the 2019 Cork Film Festival. He also directed the  and was watched by 360,000 live viewers.


Ronan was the Film Limerick Project Manager for Limerick City of Culture.  He was also responsible for the concept and delivery of the ‘Film Limerick Trilogy’, a unique training programme in collaboration with writer and director Gerry
Stembridge. This project produced three short films and enabled three first-time writers and directors to bring their work to the screen. The films have had a successful
run on the film festival circuit.

Gregory Burrowes Bio

Since completing a Film Masters,

Greg has gone on to work on a  variety of films that have been screened at festivals all over the world. He has also worked with a variety of corporate brands,

most recently having been a part of shoots for the Paralympics and Body & Soul. He is a co-Director, Head of Development and in house sound recordist at Carbonated Comet. Greg brings his drama experience to any project we produce. More info can be found on his website - www.gregburrowesboom.com